Year 6


Teacher/Literacy Coordinator - Michelle Menton
Teaching Assistant - Violet Reid
Teaching Assistant - Charlotte Gymer

Spring Term


Living things and their habitats 

We will be learning to:

  • describe how living things are classified into broad groups
  • give reasons for classifying plants and animals based on specific characteristics. 


We will be learning to:

  • Recognise that light travels in straight lines.
  • Investigate how light allows objects to be seen.
  • Explore how light can be reflected and the benefits of this.
  • Investigate how shadows are formed.
  • Develop the skill of writing an explained prediction.
  • Discuss the importance of planning a fair test.


We will be focusing on the following over the term: 

  • Use knowledge of place value to solve number problems (including negative numbers);
  • Consolidate reading and writing Roman numerals to 1000;
  • Consolidate the formal written method used for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division (short and long);
  • Consolidate understanding of fraction, decimal and percentage equivalents;
  • Interpret and construct line graphs and pie charts;
  • Measure angles using a protractor and use knowledge of angle measurements to find the value of missing angles;
  • Read, understand and calculate multi-step problems involving all four number operations;
  • Explore SATs style questions – with a focus on developing reasoning skills.


We will be focusing our learning around The Wedding Ghost. 

We will be writing:

  • Stories (including stories with alternative endings)
  • Flashbacks
  • Character descriptions
  • Diary entries
  • Newspaper reports.

We will be learning to:

  • Punctuate speech and use apostrophes accurately
  • Develop increasing accuracy in using punctuation effectively to mark out the meaning in complex sentences;
  • Use commas and hyphens to clarify meaning or avoid ambiguity in writing
  • Use semi-colons and colons
  • Explore different tenses and how they can be used to change the meaning of a sentence.

Physical Education 

We will be continuing with our judo lessons. We will be working on problem solving and learning how to play tag rugby.


The pupils will discuss the subject: conflict resolution and share positive strategies for dealing with anxieties.


We will continue to develop out Spanish vocabulary. We will focus on learning vocabulary related to a café and tenses


We will be listening to and singing songs, refining and improving our skills in playing the ukulele and learning Spanish words and songs.