Year 5


Teacher - Cliona Conlon - Diana Katono
Teaching Assistant - Lily Apostolou

Summer Term


All Living things and their Habitats.

We will follow on from our work on Life Cycles to learn about the life cycle of a flowering plant. We will learn about seeds, germination, seed dispersal, pollination and fertilisation. We will dissect flowering plants to learn more about the parts and their function.

After half term our topic is animals including humans.


We will be consolidating all we have learned this year as well as extending our reasoning skills. We will solve problems using place value and will consolidate the formal methods for all operations.

We will work with numbers to 3 decimal places and will consolidate our understanding of squared and cubed numbers. We will learn about the properties of 2d and 3d shapes. We will build our understanding of fractions, decimals and percentages.

We will work with timetables, line graphs and bar charts.

We will continue to learn our times tables facts so we are secure to 12×12


Our English work will focus on the famous real story of the Titanic- the “unsinkable” ship which sunk in 1912.

We will be getting into role through drama set on board. We will use this drama to write newspaper reports, postcards and letters as well as debating about who was to blame for the disaster.

In guided reading we will develop our skills of inference and deduction as well as building up and extending our understanding of key vocabulary.

Grammar will be taught through the context of our writing, for example expanded noun phrases to describe the rooms on board.

We will also practice grammar skills as well as spelling and punctuation in separate lessons.

After half term our writing will be based on Greek myths.


We will be building on our understanding of networks and the Internet. We will investigate the way control systems and robots are used in the real world and the impact of technology.

We will use data loggers in connection with our Science work.


We will be looking at the questions: Animal Lawsuit OR Thankfulness?  What do religions and worldviews believe about God?


In the first half term we will learn about Leonardo da Vinci and develop our drawing skills.

In the second half term our DT topic is making our own pizzas!


We learn vocabulary based on the four seasons and the planets.


We will have a Judo session and a swimming session each week. We will have netball and athletics later in the term.


Our topic is South America. We will learn about the location of the continent and its countries, climate, mountains, trade and industry. We will also research a particular country in more depth. We will develop our skills using atlases and non-fiction texts.


We will learn about the Ancient Greece. This will include Athens and Sparta, democracy, warfare, sports and beliefs


We will be following the Paths Plus Scheme that enables children to use and understand their emotions.


We will be learning a song all about the Ancient Greeks!