Year 4


Teacher/Maths Coordinator - Robert Hamilton
Teaching Assistant - Sue Probets

Spring Term



We are learning about how electricity helps us and how electrical circuits work.

We will be looking at many aspects of circuits including insulators and conductors and their purpose.

We will also be:

  • Carrying out investigations.
  • Recording our results.
  • Using our results to make predictions.

Living things and their habitats

We will be learning to recognise that living things can be grouped in different ways.

We will be using classification keys to group living things in the local and wider environment.


In Maths this term we shall be solving various open investigations linked with many topics. We will be continuing to practise and consolidate our adding and subtracting with three-digit numbers and beyond.

We will be looking at some more division and multiplication problems including some that involve remainders.

Some of the other areas we will cover are:

– Time (including both the 24 and

12-hour clock)

– Measuring lengths and finding the


– Mental addition and subtraction of

pairs up numbers that add up to



We will be looking at computer Games and playing and analysing them. We’ll also be creating computer games.


This term we will be building sentences using grammar.  This will help the children in their extended pieces of writing based on the book we are reading; ‘Voices in the Park’.

It will include:

  • present tense and past tense (eg. is or was)
  • sentence openers (Later that day..)
  • punctuation ( . , ! ? )
  • descriptive words (noun phrases)

We will also have a spelling focus each week and you will see examples of these in their homework.

In shared reading, children will practice skills to complete comprehension questions and read with the class teacher.


 We will be practising conversational Spanish, basic greetings and counting.


We will be exploring the reasons why early settlers chose the areas they chose to start their villages. We will also be looking at where the names of various places originated from.


 Learning to play the recorder.

Reading basic music notes

Using pitch and harmonies during singing

Art and DT 

We’ll be investigating how the environment makes us feel about a place.

 Continue experimenting with our ideas using the ILICSR model.


We will be learning about the Anglo Saxons and what made them so significant in history, placing specific historical events on a timeline.

We will also find out about what life was like for people in this time period.


We will be focusing on two different topics over the term. Why is Easter important to Christians? What happens when someone gets married?


The children will be continuing to learn about and reflect on their feelings