Year 3

Teacher - Nana Acquaah
Teaching Assistant - Michan Clancy (Mon – Weds)
Charlotte Gymer (Thurs – Fri)

Autumn Term


We will be continuing to develop our understanding of number and place value and addition and subtraction.

We will explore the properties of different shapes and look at different angles. We will work on our multiplication and division facts throughout the year. Time will also be dedicated to data handling, money, and fractions.

We will be continuing to learn our times tables this year so that we can quickly recall facts.

We will be focussing on our fluency, reasoning, and problem-solving skills throughout the year.


We will be focussing on how we can use technology safely. We will move onto coding and programming. This will involve programming on screen and algorithms.


We will continue to develop our letter formation and joined handwriting this year. We will learn diagonal and horizontal joins and ensure our handwriting is of a high standard.

We will be learning more spelling rules such as prefixes and suffixes which will allow us to spell a wider range of words correctly.

We will initially be focusing on the book ‘Princess Smarty Pants’ and will be completing narrative writing and advertisements.

We will be extending our knowledge of sentence structure, using conjunctions such as if, because and although.

Through reading different texts, we will learn how to plan our writing in detail.  Evaluating and editing will give us opportunities to improve the structure, grammar and use of vocabulary in our work.

We will move on to linking our writing to the Stone Age and we will be writing some descriptions and diary entries.


Autumn 1: Animals including humans.

We will be identifying that animals, including humans, need the right types and amounts of nutrition and that they cannot make their own food; they get nutrition from what they eat. We will identify that humans and some animals have skeletons and muscles for support, protection and movement.

Autumn 2: Rocks

We will be comparing and grouping together different kinds of rocks based on their appearance and physical properties. We will be learning how fossils are formed from living things when trapped within rocks and we will be able to recognise that soils are made from rocks and organic matter.


We will be learning about where our food comes from. We will understand that the food we eat comes from many different places in the world and how the climate affects what food can grow.


The children will be having swimming lessons. They will have football lessons and multi skills lessons in school.


We will be learning about Prehistoric Britain. Starting with the Stone Age and going right through to the end of the Iron Age, we will discover how humans first came to Britain, how they lived and what developments were made in each era.


Our topic is called Journeys. We will be developing our understanding of drawing and colour.

We will be designing a board game with rules and instructions.


We will be thinking about how we can support a positive classroom environment and how we can enhance our own and others self-esteem.


We will be learning about how Jewish people celebrate their beliefs at home and in the synagogue. We will also be thinking about the significance that light plays in religion.


We will continue to work on our singing and focus on pitch, timing, rhythm and melody