Year 1

Teacher - Kirstin Lawrence
Teaching Assistant - Angie Fitzpatrick (Tues – Fri)
Michan Clancy (Mon – Weds)

Spring Term


Non- Fiction Writing

We will be exploring toys from the past and present and comparing these.

We will be able to:

Write factual sentences

Write information reports

Fiction Writing

Recount of familiar stories –

Retelling stories through drama

Writing in role (character)

Describing words (adjectives)

Time connectives (next, after, later, first etc.)

Beginning to use a wider range of punctuation (! , ?)

Guided Reading

Comparing features of Fiction and Non-Fiction books –

We will look at a range of texts and their purpose.

We will continue to use our phonetic knowledge to access these books and answer basic information retrieval questions.


  • Number – up to 100 and beyond (write the numeral and the word)
  • Place value – ordering numbers (10’s and ones)
  • Addition – adding groups together up to 100
  • Subtraction – taking different amounts away from 100
  • 3D Shapes – names and properties of solid shapes (how many corners/ how many sides)
  • Position and Direction – moving using directional language

(forwards, backwards, left and right)

  • Time – telling the time to the hour/half hour
  • Time- days of the week, months of the year and daily routines


Understanding technology


Robot sensors and control



In Science we will be looking at different materials, like wood, plastic, rubber, paper etc.  We will then undertake a variety of activities that includes; 

  • Sorting and classifying
  • researching
  • investigating
  • beginning to set up simple fair tests
  • Organising scientific information.
  • developing our confidence of scientific vocabulary

Physical Education

  • Hockey/ Team games
  • REAL PE (Unit 4)

Creative skills, balance and working with a partner


How do you belong to Christianity?

How do you belong to Sikhism?



Songs, greetings

Fruit and vegetables


We will be developing composing Skills


Pattern and melody


Around the World 

We will be involved in activities like; Map reading skills; Researching; Comparing countries, finding similarities and differences.


Toys Past and Present

Ordering toys chronologically

Comparing past and present

Sorting and recording information

Presenting historical information.


Dealing with feelings and emotions

How to deal with confrontation

Following PATHS Programme


Working with paper


Food preparation