Tag Rugby

Spring Term

During the Spring term Townsend take part in the Tag rugby league organised by The London PE Sports Network.

We offer pupils from Year 5 and 6 to attend trials at the start of the Spring term. Selected children will take part in matches every Thursday against other schools in Southwark. Practice sessions will be held in school every Wednesday.


  • Each team that has possession of the ball will now have 6 lives.
  • If you are tagged, run the ball out of bounds, drop the ball, knock the ball on/forward, block with free arm or dive to the ground you will lose one of your 6 lives, you will play on from where you have lost a life.
  • When there is a turnover in play the 6 lives are refreshed.
  • There will only be a turnover in play when a team lose all 6 lives.
  • When an interception is made the new team with the ball will be able to attack and they will have 6 lives.
  • When you lose a life the ball will play from where the life was lost with the same team in possession of the ball.
  • Where the sixth life is lost is where the new attacking team will play from.

Once tagged the player with possession must put the ball on the ground and roll it backwards to a team mate using their foot, the referee will stop play to implement this rule     


Tag Rugby will commence on the 12th March until  14th May 2020.


Michael Faraday V Goodrich Comber Grove V Townsend
Michael Faraday V Robert Browning Cobourg V Robert Browning