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Welcome to Townsend Primary’s website!! Our parents, children and staff often refer to our school as the ‘Townsend Family’, this is because we have fostered positive relationships with our families and all visiting professionals, resulting in us working together as a team! These strong links enable us to work and support the whole family, resulting in happy children who receive the best possible education and outcomes.

We are very much, an inclusive school and work collaboratively with parents, and external agencies to ensure that our provision meets all children’s individual learning, emotional and physical needs.

Staff, children, parents and governors have high expectations of our children’s learning, achievement and behaviour. Our curriculum is planned with pupils needs and interests considered, which excites, motivates and challenges children to want to learn, and achieve to the best of their abilities. Pupils leave us having gained a variety of life skills and confidence that will equip them to succeed on their own personal journey to success.

Please do come and visit us, I am in the playground each morning from 8.45am and Rose, Fatima and Iqbal are in the office if you should you have any queries.

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SlideTerm Dates - 2020 - 2021 Autumn Term
INSET DAY: Wednesday 2nd September 2020 (School closed for pupils)
INSET DAY: Thursday 3rd September 2020 (School closed for pupils)
• Friday 4th September 2020 to Thursday 22nd October 2020
Parents day: Friday 23rd September 2020 (School closed for pupils)
• Half Term Monday 26th October 2020 to Friday 30th October 2020
• Monday 2nd November 2020 to Friday 18th December 2020
Spring Term
INSET DAY: Monday 4th January 2020 (School closed for pupils)
• Tuesday 5th January 2021 to Friday 12th February 2021
• Half Term Monday 15th February 2021 to Friday 19th February 2021
• Monday 22nd February 2021 to Wednesday 31st March 2021
Summer Term
INSET DAY: Monday 19th April 2021 (School closed for pupils)
• Tuesday Tuesday 20th April 2021 to Friday 28th May
• Half Term Monday 31st May 2021 to Friday 4th June 2021
• Monday 7th June 2021 to Friday 23rd July 2021