Angela Prestwich – Reception Teacher / EYFS Coordinator
Siobhan Elston – Nursery Nurse
Janet Thomas – Teaching Assistant

Firstly, thank you to those parents who attended parents’ afternoon, to receive the most up-to-date information on their child’s learning. This meeting does impact on your child’s learning in school!

Summer term is very busy and exciting. Listed below is what we will be focusing on this term. We have also included some ways you can extend your child’s learning:

In English we are learning to read books and write sentences independently.

In writing we are learning to use capital letters, finger spaces, and full stops.  We are also making sure our handwriting is neat, so others can read what we have written.

In reading, we are learning to read independently and talk about what we have read. We are learning tricky words and looking at and using some of the 100 high frequency words.

Please give your child lots of opportunities to write at home about what they are interested in. Most importantly, please read with your child every day.

How you can help:

  • Talk to your child about letters and words in the environment.
  • Give your child opportunities to write at home.
  • Support your child to write words that are important to them.
  • Talk to them every day about their day, ideas and interests.

In Maths we are learning to use numbers 0-20 in addition and subtraction and doubling and halving. Children will learn about number bonds to 10. 0+10=10, 1+9=10, 2+8=10, 3+7=10, 4+6=10, 5+5=10, 6+4=10… We will also continue to explore shapes and measure.

How you can help:

  • Talk to your child about number bonds to 10.(numbers that make 10 (10+0  1+9  2+8  3+7  4+6  5+5, 6+4  7+3  8+2  9+1  0+10)
  • Count with your child to 20 and beyond and help them to touch an object as they say a number.
  • Sing number songs with your child.
  • Talk to your child about the shapes of different items at home and in the environment.
  • Play on-line games:

Reception Learning

In Reception we will be learning about different topics and books. We choose books based on what the children are interested in. If your child is particularly interested in something, please let us know. 

Crescent Literacy

There will be 2 Crescent Literacy workshops in Summer term. This is a chance for you to come into class and support your child’s learning with different fun activities. More information about Crescent Literacy workshops will be sent out to you at a later date.

Special Bags

Each week we send out a Special Bag to two children for them to fill with different items that are special to them and your family. The children then talk about the contents of the bag to the rest of the class.

Friday Open Mornings

Every Friday morning during the Summer Term, children’s profiles will be displayed on a table for you to look at and sign a comment. A list of dates for when to come in will be sent out at the start of the term.


Please check Tapestry regularly as observations are updated all the time. Over the term you can add your own pictures of your child via your smart phone or tablet. Please see a member of staff if you need any help with logging in or getting a profile.

Bug Club

Please continue to read with your child weekly using the Bug Club programme. Please sign the blue reading journal 3 times per week.

Now it is Summer, just a reminder to put names onto the labels of your child’s uniform, as jumpers are often removed in the playground when they are hot!

Thank you for your support,


Michael, Siobhan and Janet

Reception Team