Learning Mentor

My name is Chloe and I am the Learning Mentor at Townsend Primary School. My role is to support pupils, parents and staff to ensure that every pupil will achieve their full potential.  I not only support pupils with their learning but with their emotional wellbeing as this can impact a child’s ability to access the curriculum and achieve.

An integral part of my role is to deal with behavioural incidents and conflict.  We follow a restorative justice system, when each child is encouraged to voice their concerns to each other to ensure every child is treated fairly. I allow the pupil’s time to discuss how best to resolve the issue in line with the school’s behavioural policy. This allows pupils to take responsibility for their actions and gives them opportunity to have ownership over conflict and supply them with the mediating skills they will require in later life. Pupils are also welcome to come to me personally to share any anxieties and concerns which I can support them with.

I am also here to support parents and carers with any concerns regarding family support out of school as well as concerns about your child’s education. I am available to meet with you to offer advice and support and refer you onto the suitable agencies.