TOPIC: Electricity

  • Use knowledge of place value to solve number problems (including negative numbers);
  • Consolidate reading and writing Roman numerals to 1000;
  • Use simple formulae using symbols and letters to represent variables and unknowns in mathematical situations;
  • Consolidate the formal written method used for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division (short and long);
  • Consolidate understanding of fraction, decimal and percentage equivalents;
  • Interpret and construct line graphs and pie charts;
  • Read, understand and calculate multi-step problems involving all four number operations;
  • Explore SATs style questions – with a focus on developing reasoning skills.
  • Text – The Wedding Ghost 

    Writing genres:

    • Story writing (including stories with alternative endings) ;
    • Flashbacks ;
    • Character descriptions ;
    • Diary entries ;
    • Newspaper reports.


    Grammar & Punctuation

    • Punctuate speech and use apostrophes accurately;
    • Develop increasing accuracy in using punctuation effectively to mark out the meaning in complex sentences;
    • Use commas and hyphens to clarify meaning or avoid ambiguity in writing;
    • Use semi-colons and colons;
    • Explore the different tenses and how they can be used to change the meaning of a sentence.



  • Know the main circuit symbols and use these to draw circuit diagrams;
  • Explain how our understanding of electricity has changed over time;
  • Label the voltage of a circuit correctly;
  • Explain the effect of increasing or decreasing the voltage on different parts of a circuit;
  • To be able to plan and conduct and investigation;
  • Decide how to record data;

Make new predictions based on

  • We will be exploring:- the history of electricity and the impact of past scientists,

    – famous business icons from the past

    – the history and development of journalism in England.

Exploring and comparing businesses around the world – including the export and import of goods.

  • Visual and tactile qualities to suit intentions, manipulating materials and techniques
  • To use programming software
  • To explore publishing software.
  • Listening to and singing songs
  • Refine and improve their skill in playing the ukulele
  • Learn Spanish words and songs.
  • Conflict resolutionPositive strategies for dealing with anxieties




Problem solving and tennis

  • We will be studying Judaism – with a particular focus on the festival Passover.
  • Key vocabularyPast and present

    Food and drinks

YEAR 6 - Spring Letter

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