TOPIC: Rivers

  • Key objectives covered will be:- Place value of numbers up to 1


    – Partitioning numbers up to 5 and   6 digits.

    – Negative numbers.

    – Read Roman numerals to 1000

    – Adding, subtracting using the

    column method.

    – Multiplication and Division- formal

    methods of calculation

    – Shape and space; properties

    including angles.

    – Perimeter, Area and Volume

    – Fractions: equivalent fractions,

    decimal and fraction equivalents,


    –  Solving 2 step problems and


We will develop our writing skills by studying various nonfiction and fiction texts. We will be studying the story of the Little Match Girl and a recounts unit based on the Titanic.

We will be reading a variety of other texts to engage the children and help them to make their writing more interesting for the reader, as well as more technically accurate.


In all our English learning we will be finding ways to improve the quality of our sentences by adding more detail, advanced punctuation and correct grammar.


Our Guided Reading sessions will focus on improving our inference and deduction skills and finding evidence in the text to support our opinions.


Through investigations, observations and fair tests we will learn:


That unsupported objects fall to Earth because of the force of gravity.

We will identify the effects of air resistance, water resistance and friction that act between moving surfaces.

We will learn about mechanisms such as levers, pulleys and gears.


Living things and their habitats.

We will learn about the life cycles of mammals, birds, fish, amphibians and reptiles.

We will learn about the life cycles of flowering plants.

We will learn about the Indus Valley. We will find out about this ancient civilisation and its cities.

We will discover about the trade links it had and the arts and crafts which were important there.


We will learn about technology that the people used. We will find out about why the cities declined.

We will be learning about Rivers.

We will learn about the water cycle and rivers are important in it. We will learn about real rivers especially the River Thames. We will learn about different features of rivers such as source, tributary, estuary

In Art children will learn new techniques and discover how to combine these techniques through ‘People in Action” where we will learn more about drawing moving figures.


Our DT topic after half term is sewing. We will practise joining fabric and planning and making an item using felt.

Investigating and making computer games.

Using technology safely.

We will be learning to play the Ukulele.

We will think about our own feelings story and relationships

Indoor: Judo

Outdoor: Problem-solving games and tennis

We will be learning about Islam.

We will study the alphabet in Spanish, directions and words to describe the town we live in.

YEAR 5 - Spring letter

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