TOPIC: Beowolf

  • Key objectives covered will be:- Place value of numbers up to 1 million.- Partitioning numbers up to 5 and 6 digits.- Read Roman numerals to 100 (I-C).- Adding, subtracting using the column method.- Shape and space; comparing and classifying based on their property and size.- Translating shapes.- Fractions: equivalent fractions, decimal and fraction equivalents, fractions of amounts.

    – Measuring mass and capacity.

    – Solving 2 step problems and puzzles.

    – Use of coordinates, translation of shapes and positional language.

We will develop our writing skills by studying various nonfiction and fiction texts.

We will be studying the poem Beowulf and learn how it links to the Vikings.

We will be reading a variety of other texts to engage the children in Literacy and help them to make their writing more interesting for the reader, as well as more technically accurate.

In all our Literacy learning we will be finding ways to improve the quality of our sentences by adding more detail, advanced punctuation and correct grammar.

Our Guided Reading sessions will focus on improving our inference and deduction skills and finding evidence in the text to support our opinions.

Earth, Sun and Moon

We will be finding out that the Earth, Sun and Moon are spherical and support this with some evidence.

We will be able to explain this in terms of the rotation of the Earth and why shadows change.

We will be able to discuss why the Sun appears to move across the sky during the day.

Gases around us

We will be able to identify the characteristics of materials and how the different materials make them useful for various jobs.

We will also look at reversible and irreversible changes.

We will discover how the Viking and Anglo-Saxons struggled for the kingdom of England and how England became a unified country.

Also, we will explore where the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings came from, how they fought for territory and power, and how their fighting ultimately led to the kingdom of England we know today.

We will be learning about The United Kingdom and how the UK is organised into countries, counties and cities, as well as learning about the human and physical features of Great Britain, such as population, life expectancy, tallest mountains, longest rivers, coastlines and much more

In Art children will learn new techniques and discover how to combine these techniques through ‘Cityscapes’ where they will see how skylines are recreated using art.

During DT we will be designing and assembling moving vehicles. The children will gain an understanding of how vehicles move and see if they can make their own vehicle move!

We will learn about conditional selection, variables/variable fact files and piano keyboard.

Musical instruments in Spring term – Singing with pitch, timing, rhythm and melody.

We will focus citizenship.

INDOOR: Judo, Gymnastics and Dance

OUTDOOR: Football

Christian festivals – learning about where and how Christians practise their faith.

Enjoy your meal – We will learn the names of foods. Also, being able to talk about what we ate and drank the previous day.

YEAR 5 - Autumn letter

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