TOPIC – Ancient Greece

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Key objectives covered will be:

  • Number place value

  • Negative Numbers

  • Roman Numerals

  • Addition and Subtraction

  • Properties of shape

  • Position and direction

  • Multiplication and division

  • Fractions

  • Time

  • Perimeter and area

  • Addition and subtraction

  • Mass and capacity

The children will also learn how to work systematically to solve problems.

Children will become more confident in the following areas:

  • Using full stops, exclamation marks, question marks, commas and inverted commas.

  • Adverbial phrases

  • Adverbs

  • Noun Phrases

  • Action and descriptions in a list

  • Similes and personification

  • Brackets to add in information

Children will be taught how to write in different genre for example: diary entries, play scripts, persuasive writing letters, character and setting description and writing a narrative.

  • States of matter

  • How solids can be separated from liquids

  • Continue building circuits and conductors

Ancient Greece

  • A study of Greek life

  • Civilisation achievements

  • Influence on western world

The children will also select and organise historical information.

Recognise some physical and human processes and with support think about how these can cause changes in places.

Continue experimenting with creating mood, feelings, movement, and areas of interest.



Pottery and cooking

Discussing and collaborating ideas

Using Microsoft office to present information in different ways

Singing and rhythm

Paths Plus

Making good decisions

Invasion games



We will be learning about Sikhism, their beliefs and their practises.

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