We will be learning how to:

  • problem solve in an organised way and give explanations for our methods and decisions in spoken or written form.
  • use mathematical language correctly and confidently
  • explain the value of each digit in a 3-digit number
  • know our three, four and eight times tables
  • begin to use formal methods for all four operations.

Our English topic this term will be:

Ancient Egypt and Egyptian myths and fairytales

We will learn how to write a range of multi clause and subordinate sentences for effect.

We will continue to develop our writing to include paragraphs and accurately punctuated speech.  We will continue to learn spelling patterns and related word families.

We will produce a range of writing including, reports, fiction and instructions.

We will develop our planning, observing, recording, measuring and evaluating skills throughout these units.


Summer 1: Plants

We will explore the different functions of different parts of plants. We will learn what they require for life and growth; how water is transported in plants; and the life cycle of flowering plants

Summer 2: Animals including humans

We will be consolidating and applying our previous learning on nutrition and exercise and the functions of skeletons in different animals.

Until half term, we will be learning about life in Ancient Egypt.

We will find out about:

  • the importance of the River Nile
  • the hierarchical ruling system of Ancient Egypt
  • the importance of the pyramids

In Summer 2, we will be exploring the location, climate, formation, uses of and dwellers of deserts.

We will also look at the geography of Egypt in closer detail.

We will be working on Pointillism which is a technique of painting where small dots of colour are applied in patterns to form an image.


We will be designing a board game with certain limitations.

We will be learning about programming and developing our understanding of e-safety.

We will continue with Paths Plus and Pupil of the Day, alongside aspects of social, spiritual, moral and cultural values that we uphold.

We will be engaging in cricket and athletics. We will continue to have 2 PE sessions per week and will focus on Cricket and athletics

We will be learning about the religions of Islam and Buddhism.

Spanish- We will be focusing on nouns and infinitive verbs, as well as vocabulary related to family life.

YEAR 3 - Summer Letter

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