TOPIC: Romans and Continents and countries Trickster Stories and Fables Next half term: The Giving Tree


– Number and place value of 3-digit

numbers to 500

– Addition – adding 10s and 100s to

3-digit numbers; expanded written


– Subtraction subtracting 10s and

100s from 3-digit numbers;

expanded written method

– Names and properties of 3D shapes

– Multiplication 3, 4 8x tables; use

grid method to multiply a 2-digit

number by a 1-digit number

– Division facts related to known

times tables; using empty number

line to divide

– Fractions – adding and subtracting,

finding unit and non-unit fractions

– Time – telling time to the nearest 5

minutes and 1 minute

– Mass- measuring volume / Capacity

– Data handling

We will be learning about different traditional trickster stories and fables from around the world. We will be focusing on the Anansi stories from West Africa.


We will learn how to use suffixes (words with a group of letters at the end – selfishness, and prefixes (unsuccessfully) to change the meaning of words.  We will develop our writing to include paragraphs and accurately punctuated speech.  We will continue to learn spelling patterns and related word families.

In Guided Reading, we will develop our ability to discuss a wide range of fiction, poetry, plays and non-fiction books


Next half term, we will be studying The Giving Tree, and writing our own playscripts.

Spring 1 Forces and Magnets

  • Surfaces – How does the material of a surface affect speed?
  • Magnetic forces – What are forces? How can we investigate push and pull?
  • Attract / repel – Which materials are magnetic? Are all metals magnetic?

Spring 2 Light

  • Reflection – How do we see things?
  • Dangers from light – How can we protect ourselves from the sun?

After half term, our topic will be Invaders and Settlers: Romans. We will be learning about Bouddica, the Celtic tribes and the Roman origins of words we use today.

Countries of the World: This term we will be learning about different countries of the world and their continents and capital

Famous Buildings – exploring and recreating architectural styles

Making, designing and testing ingredients for a healthy sandwich wrap

Coding and E-safety. We will also be developing our ICT skills in Literacy, Maths and Science.

The children will be finishing their recorder sessions and moving on to music express which includes singing and using instruments rhythmically There will be a recorder concert to showcase what they have learned.

We will continue with Paths Plus and Pupil of the Day, alongside aspects of social, spiritual, moral and cultural values that we uphold.

The children have finished swimming lessons and will have 2 PE sessions per week.


These PE lessons will focus on problem solving skills and tennis.

We will be learning about Christianity, focussing on the Church where we will be visiting Southwark Cathedral.

New vocabulary content:

  • The song “Old McDonald”
  • The numbers 1-20
  • Playground games
  • How to play “Simon says”
  • Instructions on how to make or play a simple game

YEAR 3 - Spring Letter

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