TOPIC - Ancient Egyptians

Year 3web

In maths we will be learning about:

  • number and place value

  • addition

  • subtraction

  • properties of shape

  • multiplication

  • division

  • fraction

  • time

  • mass

  • capacity

  • data handling

Our key texts this term will be:

Egyptian myths and fairytales

We will learn how to write a range of multi clause and subordinate sentences for effect.

We will continue to develop our writing to include paragraphs and accurately punctuated speech.  We will continue to learn spelling patterns and related word families.

We will produce a range of writing including, reports, fiction and instructions.

We will develop our planning, observing, recording, measuring and evaluating skills throughout these units.


Summer 1 unit:

  • Rocks and Fossils

  • Helping Plants Grow Well

Summer 2 unit:

  • Lights and shadows

We will be learning about life in Ancient Egypt.

We will find out about:

  • the importance of the River Nile

  • the hierarchical ruling system of Ancient Egypt

  •  the importance of the pyramids

We continue to develop our map reading and making skills.

We will be looking at the geography of Egypt in more detail.

We will be looking at patterns and printing.





We will be learning about programming.

The children will be finishing their recorder sessions and moving on to music express which includes singing and using instruments rhythmically There will be a recorder concert to showcase what they have learned.

We will continue with Paths Plus and Pupil of the Day, alongside aspects of social, spiritual, moral and cultural values that we uphold.

We will continue to have 2 PE sessions per week- These will focus on:

  • Movement

  • Coordination

  • Teamwork skills.

We will be learning about the religion of Buddhism.

The children will be looking at:

Buddhist teachings and the life of Buddha

YEAR 3 - Summer Letter

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