We will be learning how to:

  • problem solve in an organised way and give explanations for our methods and decisions in spoken or written form.
  • use mathematical language correctly and confidently
  • explain the value of each digit in a two-digit number.
  • add or subtract mentally a one-digit number from a two-digit number.
  • add or subtract mentally a two-digit number from a two-digit number.
  • know tens, fives and two times tables
  • count in 3’s

In English, we will be looking at Mini Grey’s Princess and the Pea. This much- loved classic fairy tale is cleverly written from the pea’s point of view!

We will get to act out the story as well as write a range of genres including diaries, stories and character descriptions to name but three examples.

We will continue to focus on reading comprehension, covering a range of fiction, non-fiction – including information and biographical text.

One topic will be extended stories on Dragons.

We will be developing our scientific skills

  • Carrying out simple investigations/experiments
  • Making predictions
  • Making observations
  • Writing up observations
  • Learning about a fair test


We will also be looking at how living things are classified into broad groups as well as studying the life cycles of living things. This will include both plants and animals

We will be learning to order seaside holidays in chronological order.

We will also be finding out similarities and differences between seaside holidays now and in the past

SPANISH – I Love Stories

In Geography we will be learning about My World and Me.  We will explore destinations using digital research.

Super Sculptures – We will be exploring making sculptures with a simple human form, as well as sculptures that move in the wind, and sculptures where light, shape and colour create an interesting effect. We will also design board games in the Summer term.

We will be covering, Understanding Networks, the internet, real world control systems and the impact of technology on society

We will be exploring sounds and songs from other countries.  We will also be exploring instruments and symbols. The Southwark Music Service will be involved with teaching us rhythm, tempo, timbre & pitch.

We will be looking at the different emotions. They will explore what it means to feel lonely or to be scared.

We will be learning about games (Striking & Net) and athletics in preparation for Sports day.

We will be continuing to look at Sikhism and finding out about Guru Nanak and his teachings.

YEAR 2 - Summer Letter

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