TOPIC - The U.K. and Woodland

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We will be learning how to:

  • problem solve in an organised way and give explanations for our methods and decisions in spoken or written form.

  • use mathematical language correctly and confidently

  • explain the value of each digit in a two-digit number.

  • add or subtract mentally a one-digit number from a two-digit number.

  • add or subtract mentally a two-digit number from a two-digit number.

  • know tens, fives and two times tables

  • count in 3’s

Report writing

The children will be looking at Woodland and learning to plan and write a report about different woodland animals. They will learn how to organise ideas under subheadings.

Description writing

The children will also be looking at Mini Grey’s Princess and the Pea. This much loved classic fairy tale is cleverly written from the pea’s point of view! The children will get to act out the story as well as write a range of genres including diaries, stories and character descriptions.

We will be developing our scientific skills

  • Carrying out simple investigations/experiments

  • Making predictions

  • Making observations

  • Writing up observations

  • Learning about a fair test

We will also be looking at how living things are classified into broad groups as well as studying the life cycles of living things. This will include both plants and animals.

They will be learning about the history in their local area, placing events and objects in chronological order.

They will also begin to recognise that the past can be seen in different ways.

  • Children will be learning about the UK looking specifically at their local area. Children will locate London on a map of the world as well as identify the main countries in the UK. They will also learn about key geographical features in the UK such as Ben Nevis and The River Thames.

Collage work of famous London landmarks.

Children will design and make carnival masks.

We will be covering e-safety, writing algorithms as well as introducing the idea of debugging – which means – to take out a mistake.

  • Children will be exploring sounds and songs from the United Kingdom.  They will also be exploring instruments and symbols.

The children will be looking at the different emotions. They will explore what it means to feel lonely or to be scared.

The children will be learning about games (Striking & Net) and athletics in preparation for Sports day

We will be looking at Sikhism and finding out about Guru Nanak and his teachings.

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