TOPIC: Great Fire of London


We will be learning how to:

  • Solve problem in an organised way and give explanations for our methods and decisions in spoken or written form.
  • Know properties of 2D & 3D shapes
  • Read and write two-digit and three- digit numbers in figures and words.
  • Explain the value of each digit in a two-digit number.
  • Add or subtract mentally a one-digit number from a two-digit number.
  • Know tens, fives and two times tables

We will be learning how to plan, edit and publish our writing.

Explanation Text                                (Great Fire of London)

Children will read a range of non-fiction texts, identifying features of the text including index pages, glossary and title pages. Construct a glossary of words drawn from another curriculum area. Discuss how diagrams, charts, labels and captions are used in non-fiction texts. Children write their own explanation text about the Great Fire of London.  We will also work on the narrative around Owl babies, Fox babies.

Animals including Humans

We will be learning to:

  • Notice that animals, including humans, have offspring which grow into adults
  • Find out about and describe the basic needs of animals, including animals, for survival (water, food and air)
  • Describe the importance for humans of exercise, eating the right amounts of different types of food, and hygiene

Grouping and changing materials

Looking at materials that the children will be familiar with, such as wood, glass and plastic, and encouraging them to think of vocabulary to describe these materials.

We will be learning about the Great Fire of London and the effect it had on the people of the time.

We will find out about how the fire started, why it spread and how it was finally put out. We will use different sources of evidence and find out what an eyewitness report means.

Teaching will be based around the theme ‘At the Farm’. We will learn how to navigate around the farm using a map. After looking at compass directions and how they can help describe positions on a map.

We will learn about colour mixing. We will make silhouettes scenes of the Great Fire of London. As well as that we will be making Christmas decorations.

Children will be learning about:

  • Respect Online
  • Moving & Drawing
  • Debugging
  • Problem solving
  • Movement

Musical instruments in Spring term.

Singing will focus on pitch, timing, rhythm and melody.

New Beginnings

Discussing how we make friends and how to speak nicely to each other

Children will be taking part in:






We are finding out about Hinduism: what does it mean to be a Hindu. We will explore the festival of Divali and read the story of Rama and Sita. As well as looking at some of the ways in which Hindus celebrate this special occasion, such as with Divas and Rangoli patterns.


My Free time.

Talking about hobbies, sports trips.

YEAR 2 - Autumn Letter

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