Year 6


Teacher/Literacy Coordinator - Michelle Menton
Teaching Assistant - Violet Reid
Teaching Assistant - Charlotte Gymer

Autumn Term


Children will write a detailed autobiography specifying their own life experiences.

Children will learn about the inspiring life of Harriet Tubman and how she escaped slavery. Pupils will then create a biography outlining the events of her life.

We will be studying the book There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom, where children will be able to infer character’s emotions as well as understand how writer’s use vocabulary and sentence structure to create coherence/impact.

We then move onto a short story called The Piano. The story introduces children to using different narrative techniques.


We will be working on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division using efficient written methods. We will solve problems involving the 4 operations and will describe a wide variety of 2D and 3D shapes as well as their properties.

We will work on calculation using mental methods.

We will be working on solving problems involving ratio and proportion, developing our reasoning skills and the ability to solve multi-step problems.


We will be learning about animal including humans. We will learning the importance of keeping healthy and the impact it has on the human body.

We will find out how plants and animals transport water and nutrients and explore the circulatory system and the function of the heart. We will discuss the effects of drugs on the human body. We will record data using scatter graphs, diagrams, bar charts and tables.

We will then move onto learning about electricity. We will learn about how changing the thickness of a wire affects the brightness of a bulb, how changing the number of batteries affects the sound of a buzzer and how changing the number of light bulbs affects their brightness of a lamp. We will take measurements using a range of scientific equipment.


We will be learning how to use technology safely and where to get help. We will focus on coding and programming focusing and on algorithms and decomposition. We will also focus on coding and programming looking at programming on screen and de-bugging.


Our topic is extreme weather and we will be finding out about the earth’s extremes from raging tropical storms, violent erupting volcanoes to terrifying towering tsunamis.

We will gain an understanding of how these extremes affect people, landscapes and their communities.


Our topic is crime and punishment. We will discover how crime and punishment has changed throughout the ages.

We will understand that changes in society create changes in the kind of crimes that are committed, as well as the ways in which they are punished.


We will be thinking about what qualities are important to a religious leader and how different religions and world views create celebrations.


Children will be taking part in:

INDOOR: Judo, Gymnastics and Dance

OUTDOOR:  Football


We will be discussing the importance of friendships and thinking about study and organisational skills.

MFL – Spanish

We will be learning vocabulary that focuses on time, places in school, school subjects and the past tense. We will also look at vocabulary associated with rivers and countries. We will talk about everyday routines and subjects studied at school.


We will be working on our singing focussing on pitch, timing and rhythm


Our art topic is based on art illusions. We will learn how artists play with perspective, line and colour to create clever and mind-bending illusions.

We will use techniques such as vanishing points and apply the rules of perspective to create realistic interiors.