Year 6


Teacher/Literacy Coordinator - Michelle Menton
Teaching Assistant - Violet Reid
Teaching Assistant - Charlotte Gymer

Summer Term


During Reading and Literacy Lessons we will be reading the following texts: A Candle in the Dark, Rose Blanche and The Diary of Edie Benson. We will also be analysing a wide range of real-life war letters, diary entries and records and using these as a stimulus for our writing.

We will explore the following writing genres over the term:

  • Diary entries
  • Newspaper reports
  • Letter Writing
  • Story Narrative

Children will also have focussed grammar and spelling lessons which will link to our WW2 theme and be based around: structuring complex sentences; using commas to clarify meaning; using hyphens, semi colons and colons; using paragraphs to organise ideas and identifying our different tenses (simple/perfect/progressive).


We will be focusing on technology and will develop a better understanding of the internet. We will also be learning about robot/ sensors.



We will be learning about the different symbols used when drawing a circuit, including: bulbs, wires, switches and buzzers. We will then explore how increasing or decreasing the voltage in a circuit can effect the brightness of a bulb or volume of a buzzer. We will use diagrams and labels to display our findings.

Evolution and Inheritance

We will be learning about how living things have changed over time and that living things produce offspring of the same kind. We will be able to identify how animals and plants are adapted to suit their environment.


We will be learning how to:

  • Use and apply arithmetic calculations;
  • Solve multi-step problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division;
  • Perform mental calculations with increasing confidence and speed;
  • Construct and interpret a range of charts and graphs, with a range of scales;
  • Use simple formulae to solve missing number problems or equations;
  • Consolidate understanding of fraction, decimal and percentage equivalents;
  • Create and deconstruct the nets of shapes;
  • Solve problems that are linked to real-life contexts (e.g. time, money, discounts or organising events).


We will be focussing on two topics:

What similarities and differences

do religions and world views


What do people believe about

life after death?


We will be creating case studies based on North America, researching: countries within North America, physical features, the varied climates, differing time zones and population.


We will be conducting a local study of life in Southwark during World War II. We will be exploring life in Britain after 1948, including: ordering events on a timeline and researching significant individuals and their impact.


We will be focusing on the transition to Secondary school and how our bodies and feelings transition as we get older.


We will be continuing with our Judo sessions but will also be starting netball and athletics. We will be having swimming lessons later in the term.


We will be exploring and analysing the works of Claude Monet and creating impressionist art. We will also be designing and sewing a cushion.


We will be focussing language that would be useful in a theme park.


We will be continuing to refine our skills and focusing on our singing skills.