Year 4


Teacher/Maths Coordinator - Robert Hamilton
Teaching Assistant - Sue Probets

Autumn Term


We will be studying non-fiction text about ‘Arctic Explorers’.

Matthew Henson Polar Explorer

Children will learn about the many obstacles Mathew Henson faced before realizing his dream of reaching the North Pole, as did Shackleton, who we will also be reading about.

Another book we will be reading is ‘Iron Man.  This book will allow the children to bring out their creative side as it has many possible scenarios.

Children will be demonstrating their writing skills through letters and newspaper reports.


Key objectives covered will be:

– Place value of numbers up to 1000

and numbers with decimals.

– Adding and subtracting three-digit

by two-digit numbers using an

informal written method.

– Properties of 2D shapes and


multiply a teen number by a 1-

digit number (i.e. 14 x 3).

– solve division problems that give

rise to remainders.

– Two-step word problems.


Time (including both the 24 and

12-hour clock).

– adding and subtracting amounts of

money in real life contexts.

measuring length and finding the



Changing Sounds

– Identify how sounds are made

– Understand what vibration is and its

role in making sound

– Finding patterns between pitch and

features of the object that makes the


States of Matter

– Focusing on solids & liquids and how

they can be separated

– Identifying the different melting points

and the impact of heating and cooling

materials, liquids etc.


We will be learning how to use technology safely. Some of the topics that will be covered are:

  • Communicating online
  • Personal information
  • Staying safe/ getting help

Later on, we will be learning about coding and programming, including De-bugging, programming languages and screens.


Our geography topic is ‘Our European Neighbours’. We’ll be looking at various European countries and cities and comparing them with our own.


We will learn about ‘Early Civilisations’, finding out when and where the earliest civilisations appeared and the amazing achievements of these civilisations. Furthermore, we will explore when and why writing and number systems started to be used, as well as finding out how trade developed.


Indoor: Gymnastics and Dance, which incorporates a physical focus on coordination

Outdoor: Football will support team games

MFL – Spanish 

All Aboard – We will learn about transport vocabulary, days of the week, phrases about the weather.


Hinduism, what they believe and how Hindu’s practise their faith.


Children will be learning and reflecting about Feelings and relationships


Using the correct pitch and tempo, including harmonies whilst singing.


In art the children will use their knowledge of traditional fairy tales and pantomime to create their own stage setting.

In DT we will be designing and making a board game for younger children using different materials, cutting, pasting and painting.