TOPIC: Neil Armstrong and Space.

  • We will be working with numbers up to 100. We will be counting forwards and backwards, learning addition and subtraction facts to 20 and begin to use symbols in recording number calculation.Children will learn methods involving multiplication, division, and fractions.We will start to learn the properties of 2D and 3D shapes including position and direction.We will then look at how to measure length & height.

We will be looking at ‘Whatever Next’ ‘The Man in the Moon’ through this we will be writing diaries, shopping lists, speech bubbles and postcards. The children will also be wiring their own version of the story.

Afterwards, we will read familiar setting stories as a basis of discussion so that pupils can begin to write independently. They will use words we know and building unknown words, using sounds.

We will also be reading and discussing the traditional tale Little Red Hen.


Please encourage your child to write as often as possible and send in anything they do for us to display in the classroom.

We will be discovering the life processes which include changes in human and animals as they grow older.

Later, we will explore the different seasons and weather conditions in Great Britain focusing on Autumn and Winter. Be sure to ask your child about the weather on a day to day basis and how it affects flying.

We will also identify a variety of common materials, including wood, plastic, glass, fabric and stone, and gives them details about where these materials come from.

Our first topic is about Neil Armstrong, the famous space explorer. We will be focusing on his life and experiences. As well as discovering what everyday items have been developed thanks to space exploration.

The children will be gaining an understanding of where they live. They will learn the names of the continents and oceans and where the UK is located on the world map.

In addition, we will look at the difference between villages, towns and cities before using maps to explore the area they live in and find out what geographical features there are around their local area.

We will investigate what the three primary colours are and what happens when they are mixed. The children will the go on to design a playground.

New Paths Plus Curriculum:

New Beginnings

We will be learning about the following:

  • E-safety (Password safety)
  • Computer hardware
  • Movement & Drawing

Singing with pitch, timing, rhythm and melody.

Musical instruments in Spring term

Children will be taking part in:

INDOOR: Football, Gymnastics and Dance


We will be learning about Christianity and the birth of Jesus and its link to Christmas.

Myself, My family and friends. Learn to greet, say our name and how we feel.

YEAR 1 - Autumn Letter

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