Year 1


We will be continuing to focus on

The Smartest Giant in Town by Julia Donaldson.  The story is about a scruffy giant who decides he should smarten up his clothes one day, but it’s not long before he ends up giving them all away to help others in need.We will use this book to focus on the language that is used in the story and rhyming words. We will also be looking at the story setting.

We will be focusing on Where the Wild Things Are? by Maurice Sendak later on in the term. The story is about mischievous Max who escapes to the land of the Wild Things. We will focus on the language in this story, the opener and the punctuation.


We will be learning about:

  • Numbers up to 100 and beyond
  • Place value. We will be ordering numbers (10’s and ones)
  • We will add groups together up to 100
  • We will take different amounts away from 100
  • 3D Shapes. We will learn the names and properties of solid shapes
  • Position and Direction. We will develop our use of positional language (forwards, backwards, left and right)
  • We will learn how to tell the time to the hour/half hour


We will be learning about plants and continuing to learn about seasonal changes. We will identify and name a variety of common wild and garden plants, including deciduous and evergreen trees. We will identify and describe the basic structure of a variety of common flowering plants, including trees.

We will be observing seasonal changes and think about how these changes affect our daily routines.

We will be also be thinking about light and dark later on in the term.



We will be thinking about what it was like to live in a castle and what life was like. We also be finding out about castles near to where we live.


The Four Seasons

We will be learning about why we have four seasons and how daily life changes with the different seasons


We will be learning about networks, the internet and the impact of technology on our society


We will be focusing on our composing skills, rhythm, pattern and melody.


Andy Goldsworthy

We will be looking at the work of a famous artist. We will look at how he used natural materials to create his work. 

Design a Maze

We will be designing a maze later in the term.


We will be working on gymnastics. We will particularly focus on our creative skills and our balance.

We will be also be developing our games and athletics skills.



We will continue to develop our vocabulary by learning songs, greetings, fruits and vegetables.


We will be exploring different emotions. We will focus on times when we feel mad or scared.