Year 1


Teacher - Emma Pooley
Teaching Assistant - Angie Fitzpatrick
Teaching Assistant - Lily Apostolou

Spring Term


 We will begin the term by linking our writing to our history topic. We will be comparing features of Fiction and Non-Fiction books and writing factual sentences. We will work towards writing our own non-fiction book about toys.

We will move on to basing our learning around two different stories – Rumpelstiltskin and Where’s my Teddy?

We will be retelling stories through drama and writing in role as a character in the story. We will be improving our use of describing words and time connectives.

We will also work on using a range of punctuation.


We will be learning how to:

  • Write numbers up to 100 and beyond in numerals and words.
  • Order numbers including 10’s and ones.
  • Add groups together up to 100
  • Subtract different amounts away from 100
  • Describe how many corners and how many sides each shape has.

We will also be focussing on using directional language (forwards, backwards, left and right) and telling the time to the hour/half hour. We will also work on the time looking at the days of the week, months of the year and daily routines.


Animals including humans

We will be:

  • beginning to set up simple fair tests
  • sorting and organising scientific information.
  • developing our confidence of scientific vocabulary

We will also work on improving our scientific drawing skills and our investigational skills.


We will be learning to:

  • identify and name a variety of common animals that are herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.

We will also be performing simple tests


 We will be playing, analysing and creating computer games. We will be working on identifying and correcting any errors.

We will also be looking at real world technology including the internet. We will be thinking about the impact of


We will focus on our composing skills, rhythm, pattern and melody.


 Our topic is Toys Past and Present. We will be ordering toys chronologically and comparing past and present toys.

We will work on sorting and recording information and presenting our findings.


We will be continuing to think about our feelings and emotions throughout the term.

Art and DT

 Our topic is Paper Art. We will be looking at how paper is used in art.

 We will be making a fruit salad and we will be thinking about the preparation needed in order to be able to do this.


We will be focusing on two different topics over the term. How do you belong to Christianity?

Physical Education

We will be playing hockey and games and focusing on particular skills: running, catching and throwing.

We will also spend time over the time working on our creative skills, balance and working with a partner.


We will be learning vocabulary related to our homes. We will also be continuing to sing songs to revise vocabulary we have already learnt.


Our topic is called Around the World. We will be developing our map reading skills. We will be comparing countries and finding similarities and differences between them.