Welcome Message

A warm welcome to the Townsend Primary School Website!
As you tour our website, you will see that Townsend is an inclusive and
friendly school. We are a kind and caring school which enables our children to
flourish in an academic environment that caters for their social, moral, cultural
and spiritual needs.
The School Governors and I believe Townsend to be a place where children can
be enriched, inspired and achieve to the best of their ability and beyond. We
have high expectations for our children, as they represent the future of our
community. Our staff promote a love of learning and a desire for pupils to
succeed through purposeful teaching. No assumptions are made about a
student’s previous knowledge, and understanding is established in a step-bystep
manner. The teaching style aims to be positive, encouraging and
sympathetic to the challenges which students encounter.
Our parents are supportive and enjoy many events that are organised
throughout the school year. These include, English and Maths workshops as
well as weekly coffee mornings.
Our community is diverse and we actively promote an ethos of acceptance of
differences. We celebrate our many different faiths, languages and
Townsend Primary School aims for children to establish strong academic
foundations, achieve outstanding results and secure a mature and independent
attitude. This is vital for taking advantage of life’s opportunities.
I can be found every morning, in the playground, welcoming the parents and
pupils into school, so please do introduce yourself!
Come in and see our school in action and feel the positive
atmosphere. Contact the school today to arrange a time to come and
Mrs Anne Stonell