Tag Rugby

Spring Term

During the Spring term Townsend take part in the Tag rugby league organised by The London PE Sports Network.

We offer pupils from Year 5 and 6 to attend trials at the start of the Spring term. Selected children will take part in matches every Thursday against other schools in Southwark. Practise sessions will be held in school every Friday.

Trials will take place in the Spring term

New Rules:

  • Each team that has possession of the ball will now have 6 lives.
  • If you are tagged, run the ball out of bounds, drop the ball, knock the ball on/forward, block with free arm or dive to the ground you will lose one of your 6 lives, you will play on from where you have lost a life.
  • When there is a turnover in play the 6 lives are refreshed.
  • There will only be a turnover in play when a team lose all 6 lives.
  • When an interception is made the new team with the ball will be able to attack and they will have 6 lives.
  • When you lose a life the ball will play from where the life was lost with the same team in possession of the ball.
  • Where the sixth life is lost is where the new attacking team will play from.

Once tagged the player with possession must put the ball on the ground and roll it backwards to a team mate using their foot, the referee will stop play to implement this rule     


  • The referee is the sole arbiter of fact on the pitch.
  • Teams will have 7 on the pitch (at least 3 girls playing at any one time) maximum of 10 players in each squad.
  • Length of games will be 2, 8-12 minute halves (exact game times TBC).
  • Belt must be worn around the waist and on the outside of the clothing. Shirts and bibs must be tucked in.  Safe studded boots may be worn.  Two tags are to be positioned on either side of the hips. One life will be taken if this is incorrect throughout the game.
  • When a try is scored both teams must come back to the centre with the previous defending team in possession of the ball
  • Contact pads are not required, although mouth guards may be worn.
  • Only the ball carrier can be tagged. Ball carriers MUST not fend off tacklers using a spare hand or the ball.  It is good practice to carry the ball in 2 hands.
  • Once tagged the player with possession must roll the ball backwards with their foot to a team mate, the referee can stop play to implement this rule.
  • Where a player has stopped and is prevented from making a pass by an off-side player the referee may play advantage.
  • The defending player who makes the tag must hold the tag up, and along with the rest of their team, stand back on their own side allowing the attacker to pass. When the pass has been made the defender must give the tag back to the tackled player before rejoining the game.
  • No player can take any further part in the game without both tags properly in place on the belt.
  • Once a tag has been made all defenders must make an effort to get back on their side of the ball and not deliberately stand offside blocking the pass or waiting for the interception.
  • A try is awarded for ‘grounding’ the ball between the try line and dead ball line (where marked).
  • No player may voluntarily ‘go to ground’ even in the act of scoring a try. The referee will judge if this is done on purpose
  • At a free pass, the opposing team must be 7 metres back, usually in line with the referee
  • The final whistle will only be blown when the ball is out of play or there is an offence committed
  • Roll on subs can be made.
  • In case of a dispute the referee’s decision is final..