Head boy - Head Girl



Head Boy Speech

September 2016

Hi Pupils at Townsend Primary,

My name is Nader and I am head boy for 2016. Being head boy is pretty fun but it can also be challenging.  Being head boy is a responsibility which you need to remember.  You have to remember that it isn’t all fun, but that it is a responsible job.  As head boy I am going to make our school a better place, a fun place and an outstanding place.

I am a true role model and I can prove it to you. If you need help just tell me and everything will be alright. I am a mature boy who is always  in the mood for helping others.

Being Townsend’s head boy is really exciting even if we miss our play sometimes. I just want to help others and make them feel great. I hope that I will make you happy and want to learn lots more!



Head Girl Speech

September 2016

To my fellow pupils,

 Hello, my name is Josephine. I am your head girl. I want to help the school become more successful and amazing in learning, caring, and sharing. This school is already high in learning but I think I will be able to encourage little ones to love learning and to work hard. I also think I would be able to help Miss Stonell when she needs me and I can also volunteer.

As head girl I promise I will answer any question you have and deal with any issue you have. Previous head girls have been very successful and I know I will do the same.

Thank you for voting for me and I promise I will not let you down!!!