8.30am- Year 2 Phonics boosters
3.15pm- Year 5 Mathletics
3.30pm- After school clubs: Activities, KS2 Table Tennis, Reading Booster


8.30am- Year 1 Phonics booster
9.00am- Reception class vision screening
3.30pm- After school clubs: More able sports, Judo
3.30pm- Year 2 Phonics booster


8.30am- Year 1 Phonics booster
3.30pm- After school clubs: KS2 Multiskills, Pioneer Dance


8.30am- Year 1 Phonics booster
3.15pm- Year 3 & 4 Mathletics
3.30pm- After school clubs: Football League – Townsend VS Pilgrims Way / St Georges


8.15am- Year 6 Maths Booster
9.30am- NHS Oral Health in to work with children
1.15pm- Year 3- Swimming
3.30pm- After School Clubs- Football League and Table Tennis

Digital wellbeing – Guidance for parents

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3-7 year olds

7-11 year olds


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As you tour our website, you will see that Townsend is an inclusive and
friendly school. We are a kind and caring school which enables our children to
flourish in an academic environment that caters for their social, moral, cultural
and spiritual needs.

Anne Stonell - Head Teacher
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